Live It

Would you like to learn about, design, and live your ideal healthy lifestyle?

Would you like to gain back the flexibility and vigor of your youth, boosting your immune system naturally, fending off disease, and aging beautifully?

 Live Your Healing Equation and unlock your full potential
with a complete personalized wellness program!

With the Educators at syncRAWnicity, you will learn everything it is you need to know to support healing within your unique body and live a prevention lifestyle, Your Healing Equation. This program includes personalized instruction, direction, and support to guide you to an optimal state of health.

Experience living a 100% Live Plant-Based lifestyle for a full 30-days. Rejuvenate your body’s ability to heal and feel young and healthy again! You will learn to prepare everything you need in the comfort of your home building your confidence and healthy lifestyle practices.

How would your life be different if you didn’t have your current health issues that are zapping your energy and demanding your constant attention? How would your life be different if you could eat your way to a healthier version of you?

I have great news for you!

I can help you experience 30-days of living a healthier lifestyle, become pain-free, feel youthful, and achieve your body’s natural potential. At syncRAWnicity, we can set you up for success!

Would you like to open up to the possibility of having boundless energy and deep healing sleep in less time so you have more time to enjoy living the life you desire? You can get started right away by giving yourself a one month gift of health and vitality for a limited time introductory price of $5,000.

With this one-month commitment, you will get to Live your healing equation.
This experience includes:

    • An initial 2-hour consultation* to determine your unique needs
    • A personalized recipe book, based on initial consultation, with one month of menus planned.
    • A one-month prepared grocery shopping list, based on desired recipes.
    • Grocery shopping done for you to offer you the freshest healing foods possible.
    • Raw vegan cuisine, known for its highest nutritional value, prepared fresh and delicious for your daily consumption.
    • Three 1-hour coaching sessions for personal support.
    • Receive an information-packed ebook on alternative health to support your commitment to healing.
    • Optional additional services offered at 50% off:
      • Learn how to shop and read labels to find the best choices.
      • Receive a 2-hour food preparation group class** or private coaching session to learn how to make your favorite raw vegan recipes.
      • A 90 minute*** massage to clear your lymphatics, release scar tissue, increase range of motion, and assist in clearing unwanted stress.

To make this investment in your health today, send an email to

Looking forward to sharing this incredibly enlightening experience with you!
To your bountiful health!
Andrea Lambert
Owner, syncRAWnicity

*Intake form required
**If no group classes are available you will receive a private class with Andrea.
***If you prefer more coaching, 90 minutes can be exchanged for the massage.