Main Services

Services syncRAWnicity offers to bring you closer to ultimate health…feel your body come alive!


Services available:

  1. Health Coaching
  2. Food Services
  3. Raw Vegan Food Prep classes
  4. Massage Therapy
  5. Private yoga classes
  6. Custom bead jewelry

Private and Group:

  1. Classes
  2. “60 day Challenge” coaching
  3. Coaching to achieve optimal health

Certification Classes

  1. Level I: Live Food Chef in Your Own Kitchen
  2. Level 2: Advanced Live Food Chef
  3. Level 3: Live Food Teacher Training

Special events (potlucks, parties, food tasting, small group catering)

Daily Sync (prepared food to help you stay raw)



*Unless otherwise specified or requested, classes will be held at my home in Phoenix Arizona and coaching/private classes will be held in your home. Please call for details.

*For private classes in your home there is a maximum mileage of 25 miles round trip included in the fee then a $2.50 per mile fee will be added there after.



See the current calendar of classes available.




Registration is required two weeks prior to class date. Payment is required one week prior to class date. If you register after the due date, coupons will not apply and payment must be made with a credit or debit card immediately.

Cancellation Policy:

Due to the food purchase and preparation involved, cancellations must be made no less than 7 days before the day of the class. If you must cancel a class that payment has been received for, I will honor your presence at any other class I offer of same value within a one year period, providing your cancellation is one week prior to class. If you cancel after the 7 day period, there is a 50% food cost fee to register for the class at another time. If you purchased a class with a coupon and do not cancel before the 7 days, you will forfeit your coupon and position in that class. You may pay the difference for the class and then be granted the same policies as regular paying students. If I have to cancel the class due to low registration or unforeseen emergency,  I will honor your presence at any class of same price value within one year with no extra fees regardless of how you paid.