Customizable continuing education programs

At syncRAWnicity we strive to make everything is unique to you and customizable as possible to support you in achieving your health goals and transformations. While you have free reign to design your own program, sometimes we are just not quite sure what we need to succeed.

Here are some suggested classes that are fully customizable according to your current experience and learning needs:

  1. In-home chef: learn how to be a health food chef in your own home (and your friends homes)
  2. Teacher training: learn how to teach others. Basic educator’s education class.
  3. Instructor training: learn how to teach the teacher. Advanced educator’s education class.
  4. Group classes: Many options for focused customization for a group of your friends, minimum of 4 people, such as Italian meal, Smoothies, Basics of the Food Processor, How We Digest Food, Indicators of the Body, and many more.
  5. Private classes: Similar to group classes but with just 1-3 of your closest friends. This class pairs well with the Initialize It! coaching package to design a class that covers the important recipes to get you started on your healing journey.

You can choose between pre-designed programs or design your own. Purchase this 4-hour transformation package special¬†and let’s get started designing your program!

That some achieve great success is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.
~Abraham Lincoln