Uniquely designed programs based on
the 8 keys of wellness

It is most wise to understand that every being on this planet is uniquely designed. This fact will help you get focused and not waste anymore time trying to fit yourself into someone else’s box. You, and every human, is like a snowflake. We are all make of the same components but the way those components were assembled difference for each of us. Like snowflakes, we are all unique. It is vital that we take the time to understand this and base our daily activities on these facts.

Our abilities, gifts, and plan for our lives can more easily be reached if we know and understand what makes us tick, what creates more energy for our unique body, how can we support our strengths and get healthy. Covering the 8 dimensions of wellness, syncRAWnicity uses concepts from all areas of our existence, our being’ness’ if you will. When we expand into our greatness it is then that we have the opportunity to become who we want to be.

In the words of Henry Thoreau, “There is no good or bad. It’s thinking that makes it do.” We will delve into the programs that make up your thoughts and change the mind of your ego and inner voice to make sure they are in alignment with your goals. When we are out of sync with regards to our thoughts and actions, we don’t get the results we want. Let’s find out what your programs are and what your goals are and get them into alignment!

These are the areas you will learn to integrate into your healthy lifestyle practices…..

  1. Spiritual
  2. Physical
  3. Intellectual
  4. Emotional
  5. Social
  6. Cultural
  7. Environmental
  8. Occupational

There are many programs within syncRAWnicity to help you make your transformation as fast or as slow as you need.

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Dial in to your unique design with the Initialize It! Program to get you off to a fast start toward your goals.

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed
is more important than any other.

~Abraham Lincoln